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Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby { Review }

The thought of setting my baby down in a shopping cart or highchair that has been used by hundreds of people a day and more than likely never cleaned, makes me absolutely cringe. I am a huge fan of shopping cart covers and have used them with all three of my children. This last pregnancy I purchased one of those new covers that is meant to cover the car seat, high chair, shopping cart and even meant to be a nursing cover. It is super cute but so not functional. When I put my son in the shopping cart it slips right now, only adding frustration.

When searching for a shopping cart cover I also looked for a “baby proof” cell phone case. These were made years ago for older phones but seems like they no longer do make them for the newer phones. My 9-month-old LOVES to watch, Baby Signing Time, a sign language program for babies. It’s great because when we are out it entertains him while I run errands, which is a huge help. During my search for these two, products I found a great surprise, Lumiere!

Seriously, have you ever seen a baby so happy?

Lumiere baby’s shopping cart cover is not only modern and stylish but it they are everything you need. The cover’s fold up into a small pouch that easily fits into a diaper bag. It unfolds and slips right on the shopping cart. I wasn’t sure at first how large the cover was but we took it to Costco for the ultimate test and….it fit!!!

Lumiere has thought not only about style but comfort and safety as well. Inside of the cover is a buck to keep your little ones safe. It comes with just enough padding to keep your little one comfy the entire time.

The safety straps are easy to locate and adjust in the cover. Another favorite of mine is the cell phone case that is built into the shopping cart cover. I have searched high and low for a case that my son can’t turn off or even throw! He can now watch his Baby Signing time no problem and it is such a life saver!

The Lumiere cover also comes with straps you can attach toys to as well as a pocket in the back that it folds back into. We even used this pocket as an extra accessory for carrying my babies sippy cup and it was perfect. I attached his teething toy to the top strap so he could not throw it outside the cart, amazing!

Hands down, the Lumiereshopping cart cover has been our absolute favorite accessory that I cannot believe I went so long without. I even washed it right after our trip to the store and it came out looking just as it did when I received it. I highly recommend this cover for every parent.

Lumiere also sent us this wipe case which is pretty awesome. The top slides open and is easily accessible to grab wipes when needed. It also clips easily to your baby bag.

We are so happy with our 2 in one Lumiere shopping cart cover that we are hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY for their Chevron & Polka dots style covers, as well as a discount code. The covers retail for $39.99 each and are on sale right now. Keep an eye out for our Giveaway later this week!

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Kleynimals- stainless steel toy keys for babies

Kleynimals are non-toxic stainless steel toy keys. If you have a baby then you probably have noticed how they are instantly drawn to your metal keys, I know my son is. He can hear them everytime I have them in my hand and when I put them down he instantly starts crawling to them.

Kleynimals helps to satisfy your child’s desire to play with metal keys without the hazards of lead contamination, sharp edges, or the daily grime that come with the keys in the bottom of your diaper bag. Keys can be very sharp and a child can easily hurt themselves with them, but not with Kleynimals.

I have struggled to find safe toys that just “make sense” to me. In other words, toys that are not eating up batteries, or my childs attention with flashing lights and music. I appreciate toys that are simple, practical and easily stored. I love that Kleynimals fit easy in my baby bag and can also be clipped to the car seat so my son can safely play on the go. I also often give him the Kleynimals when he is in his high chair (as pictured) while I cook breakfast or dinner.

Often keys are made withdangerous amounts of lead in them, making them unsafe for children. Kleyminals are made of all natural, 100% recyclable, stainless steel materials and safe for babies to play with and put in their mouths! I love products that are invented by mother’s themselves, it is so inspiring and some of my favorite items to share.

You can purchase Kleynimals Here and you can even get them engraved which makes such a great timeless gift.

*I received Kleynimals in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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2016 holiday must haves for all ages

  1. Nintendo NES Classic – Enjoy 30 games in this mini NES plug-and-play console.
  2. Kleynimals – Non-toxic stainless steel toy keys that will satisfy your child’s desire to play.
  3. Razor Crazy Cart  – Drive, spin, or drift like a pro! Drive like a go cart or lift the Drift, so cool!
  4. Hatchimals – Hatchimals live inside of eggs. It’s a surprise! 
  5. Razor Pocket Mod  – Vintage-inspired scooter with chain-driven electric motor. 
  6. SHAPE mags – Magnetic tiles for hours of playtime!
  7. Think And learn Code-a-pillar– Think and learn while changing his path.
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Shape Mags- Building with your imagination

Shape mags

I am alway looking for toys that educate my children but keep them entertained at the same time. I love toys that teach children but at the same time they do not even realize they are learning. Shape Mags are open-ended magnets and they are pretty amazing. It’s absolutely incredible what children of all ages can build and learn within just a few minutes.


I have 3 children, ages 7 years old, 4 years old and 7 months. The Shape Mags are great for imagination and play. There are no rules with Shape Mags, in fact the best part is children can build anything they like with these. It took less than two minutes for my 4 year old to realize that two triangles make a square and that to build a house he needed to have all the corners supporting each other. I love these, and I also love that since they are magnetic the tiles support each other helping them stand a little better than your standard lego or toy brick.

3-1-of-1 Shape Mags

Shape Mags Shape Mags 9-1-of-1

Shape Mags come with a booklet that tell you a little about them and show you a few photo examples. I can go on and on about everything this simple toy can teach you, from shapes, colors, patience, patterns and how things are built.

Shape Mags

My 4 year old is always bored when his sister is at school. He will sometimes play on the iPad or even video games, and I’ll admit I let him do this a little too often sometimes when I do need to get work done or even household chores. I always regret this because I do not feel like he is learning at a point when in front of the television. With Shape Mags, my son played with these for hours!!!! I’m not even exaggerating, he played all day with these and when I asked him to put them away he was very upset. He was happy when I told him to take a break and he could continue to play with his sister when she came home. I was a little nervous how they would play with these together because LEGO’s don’t really go too well in our home.

Shape Mags

shape mags

18-1-of-1 17-1-of-1 shape mags

Shape Mags have given my children hours and hours of entertainment through imaginative play. Not only does Imaginative play enhance a child’s creativity, promote problem solving, and teach socialization skills but it also opens up different scenarios where children can see things in a different way. My children are 3 and a half years apart and I have watched them play with Shape Mags alone and then together when they like. They do not fight and they even come together and combine their creations to come up with even bigger and better designs, which I find so amazing.

Shape Mags

Shape Mags

27-1-of-1 26-1-of-1 Shape Mags

My daughter likes to draw out her ideas and then make them come to life. Its absolutely amazing to watch. Her brother watches everything she does and so he gets a double dose of learning when he is with her. Watching them play and create together is something I appreciate as a parent. I know most parents have times where their children argue and fight, mine are no exception, but I can tell you that Magna Shapes have been such a blessing in our home.

29-1-of-1 30-1-of-1 31-1-of-1 Magna Shapes

As you can see, they are pretty proud of what they built together. First they made a fairy house and then a castle. I’m telling you, the options are endless. Not only are the tiles very sturdy but you can tell they will last a long time. I”m excited because these will be great to pass on to their little brother as well.

33-1-of-1  34-1-of-1

Shape Mags

This is one of their favorite parts, building and tearing down to build something new. This is the only toy that my kids own that they can tear apart and tears do not follow or even an argument.

As far as cost goes, this set of 100 Shape Mags retails at $69.99. This may seem expensive at first, but once you think about what you are getting for the cost, it’s really not much at all. That’s roughly $.70 a tile, or for my family one night eating at a restaurant, or even the movies. These toys will last 10 years plus and if you want something good you should always expect to pay a little more. The learning and imagination these blocks bring are invaluable in my opinion.

A few things my children have learned from Shape Mags is patience and understanding, Resiliency in rebuilding things that fall and remaining calm, creative play, Geometry/Shapes recognition, math, building and teamwork. We plan on getting a carrying case so we can take these with us on the go. Also, parents that have stepped on LEGO pieces that are left around the home, Shape Mags do NOT hurt when you step on them, nor do they break. I think all parents scan appreciate this, I know I can.

Shape Mags

Our specific set comes with the following:

  • 48 ‘3×3 Squares, 16 Triangles, 8 Wide Triangles,
  • 16 Long Triangles, 8 ‘3×3’ Windows,
  • 2 ‘6×3’ Panels, 2 Car Bases
  • 100 pieces total

You can learn more about Shape Mags on their website here. Stay tuned for our Holiday Gift Guide because Shape Mags will definitely be on this list!

*This post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own














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The Hottest monthly subscription box- Brick Loot!!!

2-1-of-1 Brick Loot

Our WILD kiddos received their very first Brick Loot, Lego Subscription box recently and they are going totally crazy! Both my kids are huge Lego fans, so this was quite exciting and probably the best package ever! You would of thought Santa brought it, when seeing their excitement. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 awesome items.

Brick Loot

Brick Loot

8-1-of-1 Brick Loot

Our box was pretty AWESOME and included inside our box was an Arcade Machine, Pixel Monster, Mini Figure Game Dude and LEGO Head Case.

Brick Loot

Brick Loot Subscription box

Brick Loot

Brick Loot

My kids were most excited about the Pixel Monster! They started building this right away with their dad. It does come with many small pieces, so adult supervision and possible help is definitely needed.

Brick Loot

The instructions are pretty spot on and precise to help you build your LEGO creation.

Brick Loot

Dad helped with some of the smaller parts.


Little Lego Gamer Dude, super cool!

12-1-of-1 Brick Loot

We love the idea of Brick Loot! It is such a great option for parents and it really gives kids something to look forward to. Especially if you are a LEGO fanatic like my children, then you would absolutely love Brick Loot. Brick Loot subscription would also make a great gift for any child because it is a gift that can keep on giving throughout the year, and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your house. The amazing boxes are delivered right to your door step.

Brick Loot

Liam collects all the LEGO mini figures, so he was super excited for this guy right here. Brick Loot

Pixel Monster is finished. Looks pretty awesome, right?

Brick Loot

The Brick Loot subscription Box provided not only hours of fun for the kids but allowed our family to spend time together building and laughing while building. As a mother, I can appreciate any activity and product that helps us spend time as a family together and I see so much opportunity for this with the Brick Loot Box. Brick Loot is fun for ages 6 – 99!

Save 10% of Brickloot using code “usfamily” at http://www.brickloot.com @brickloot #subscriptionbox #LEGOfan

*We received our Brick Loot Box in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts expressed in this article are 100% my own.