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tile Slim { GIVEAWAY}


Tile Slim is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to anything. Whether it be your phone (my biggest problem), wallet/purse, laptop, baby bag, literally anything can be found with the Tile Slim (Adhesives sold separately).

The Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards and easily slides into your wallet, purse or pocket, no problem.

Use your smartphone to make your Tile Slim ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. This is the FREE Tile app that can be downloaded after you receive your Tile. The Map on the Tile app will show you where your Tile is at all times.

Can’t find your phone? Simply double press the button on your Tile Slim to make your phone ring – even on silent! The easy-to-use, free Tile app remembers the last time and place it saw your Tile, so if you left it somewhere, you’ll always know where to look. It even allows you to choose your own ringtone and customize it. 

We own several Tile Slim’s and I mostly use mine for my cell phone and purse. You can get creative with Tile, I have kept mine in my car to find it after the baseball game we attended and I even have put it in my son’s pocket when we went to Disneyland last time just in case he happened to wander off. The app allows you to track the tile wherever you are and so there are so many ways it can be used.

There is even a Tile Community! If your Tile isn’t where you left it, you can anonymously enlist the help of the Tile community in your search. It will notify you as soon as someone with the Tile app goes near your lost item. Pretty awesome! You can purchase one Tile Slim for $25 and a 4 pack for $70 if you want to share! If you do not win our giveaway you can purchase your own Tile Slim here


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*Tile sent me the Tile Slim for review & giveaway. All thoughts are 100% my own

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This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

You know it’s getting closer to the holidays when it gets dark by 5pm and it is so cold you can see your children’s breathe as they run around outside. Christmas is around the corner and so is winter, my most favorite time of the year. Having three children, I am always shopping and looking for deals. The end of the year is the best for deals because you have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both pretty amazing for saving money.

Osh Kosh Bgosh

I am particularly picked when it comes to my children’s clothing because they wear them out so fast. It is always best to find a deal and stack coupons as much as possible. The problem I have had in the past is it is so hard to find clothing that lasts for my budget, but that is also stylish. OshKosh B’gosh has exactly that. When I saw their affordable holiday apparel I could not believe the options we had, I could literally shop for all three of my children for the fraction of what I am used to spending. In California it goes from absolutely freezing in the morning to changing into shorts in the afternoon its so warm.

3-1-of-1 Osh Kosh Bgosh

For under $50 I was able to come up with 3 separate outfits and this includes a jacket! Seriously, where are you able to find these kinds of deals and still keep up with the fashion trends that are always upon us in Northern California. We definitely needed a jacket and pants when we went to pick out our Christmas tree, but by the afternoon it started to get really warm. I was really happy that I was able to layer my son’s clothing for the drastic change in weather.

Osh Kosh Bgosh

The children’s Thermals were on sale for only $8 which is a steal! We were able to layer our clothing when we were out for different photos and just change up the shirts, staying stylish and warm, while taking off his jacket throughout the day.

Osh Kosh Bgosh

OshKosh Bgosh’s button ups are so perfect because you can create several outfits using them. Button up for a more dressed up look and un-button with a solid color thermal to dress it down a bit. You can do this with just one pair of pants, and the suspenders by OshKosh Bgosh are perfection!

Osh Kosh Bgosh

We simply removed our thermal and jacket for a more sophisticated look which was perfect for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Liam received so many compliments while we were out and I was able to share the OshKosh B’gosh coupon with so many people.

You can view the entire OshKosh B’gosh Holiday line here. Make sure you use the attached coupon for additional savings like I did and you can make out with several amazing outfits for the holidays for such a great deal!



As if the deals weren’t already amazing you can also use code: OKBG3223 and Retail 036108 to save 20% off!

Log on to find a OshKosh B’gosh store near you.


We are so happy to offer you our readers the chance to win a $50 OshKosh B’gosh gift card to OshKosh B’gosh to shop away! To enter the giveaway, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below and share with friends!


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Moms Everywhere get to enjoy a Treat this Halloween with LUVS #ShareTheLuv #ad


I cannot believe Halloween is approaching so fast! Last Halloween I had two children and now I am a mother of three! I am SO excited for this Halloween for a few reasons. My daughter is now old enough to really pick out her costume. I mean, REALLY pick it out. Not change her mind a gazillion times until Halloween Eve, but have an interest and stick to it. This year she is going to be Belle, from Beauty And The Beast. Yes, I actually just took her Halloween photos last week because with so much going on I am planning everything so far in advance so that I make sure I am able to get it done.


My son is three this year, almost four. Unfortunately he is still in that stage where he’s not sure wha the wants to be. I mean, if you ask him, he will tell you that he knows for sure ,but it will change a few minutes later and again after that. As you can see in the photo below, he would like to be a combination of the Wild Things, Ninja Turtles, Where’s Waldo with a cape of course. So, I’m honestly not sure how this is going to play out when it comes time for Trick or Treating, but I have a feeling if he keeps this costume he is definitely going to impress a lot of people!


I am beyond excited that our new addition to the family, Gavin is now with us this year for Halloween! Last Halloween I was incredibly sick and pregnant with him. I’m pretty sure he is going to have so much fun walking around with us on Halloween and checking out all of the costumes. I’m pretty excited this year I only have ONE baby in diapers. Last year Liam was still in Luvs Ultra Leakguards and we were so thankful for a diaper that held up all night long with all of our walking and without leaking. Gavin is going to be Woody from Toy Story. We are huge disney fans and I was able to find comfy pajamas he could wear which I thought was perfect! Easy to change and very comfortable.


This Halloween Mom’s don’t have to go Trick or Treating to get a surprise, Luvs is offering all mom’s everywhere a money saving coupon that we know you can use! Keep an eye out for your Sunday newspaper on September 25th and October 9th for a Luvs coupon to save $2 off any diaper pack.  I’m a coupon loving mama myself and with how pricy diapers are, I am always looking for a deal. You will find the coupon in an insert from P&G and you can  this coupon at any mass, discount, or grocery stores where Luvs Diapers are sold.


Luvs is offering these coupons on all Diapers except trial/travel sized diaper packs. The expiration date for the September 25thcoupon is 10/8/16, and the expiration for the October 9th coupon is 10/22/16.


Make sure you print both coupons for double the savings. You can use these at any location of your choice. We have tried so many diaper brands and Luvs is one I personally trust. I could go on and on about all the wonderful reasons why Luvs is amazing, but bottom line is that LUVS has always been good to us and provided us with the best protection possible making everyones life easier. Luvs always offers a money-back guarantee for their families. Combined with the high value coupons, i’m not sure there is a reason to go anywhere else.

You can follow Luvs diapers on all of their social media channels Twitter ,  Facebook, or YouTube. For more information about Luvs diapers feel free to visit their website here.

*DISCLOSURE* This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine. 

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As a newbie to Legoland it was pretty exciting to attend the press release of upcoming attractions for 2017. My kids have an 8 year age gap so we haven’t made it to the park yet and this was a really great way to familiarize myself with what the park has to offer. For people familiar with the park and resort you’ll be excited to hear that that the Starwars exhibit will soon be expanding to include 16 feet of scenes from the newest installment of the Starwars franchise The Force Awakens. I was stunned by the craftsmanship of the existing Death Star on display and feel like adult-children will really appreciate the detail and scale.



The park has a really wide range of activities for being a relatively small park. There are two play grounds designed for kids to get out that energy, Duplo Playtown is geared to children aged 2-5 and Hideaways on Castle Hill is designed for kids 5-12 (this one looks like it would be a lot of fun for my big guy, and secretly for myself if I could arrange to not be ejected from the park for it). There are a couple of roller coasters for your bigger kids (a little too tame for my speed demon big boy but probably about right for my 6 year old niece) and there are some mellower rides for smaller kids. The height requirements range between 34-48in depending on the ride and there are a couple of super mellow boat rides with no height requirements at all for your itty-bitties like my 16month old. Tickets are $90 for adults (13+) and $84 for children (3-12).


The Sea Life Aquarium has recently completed the accreditation process to become certified conservation and research center, i wasn’t able to get a look inside the aquarium but we’re particularly fond of sea life in y family and its nice to know that our ticket purchases will be going to a cause close to our hearts. Tickets for this are offered in conjuction with park tickets and are $113 for adults and $107 for children though there are some online discounts for buying advanced tickets. This is a nice option because the neither the aquarium nor the park itself are huge but together seem like a really nice way to spend a very long day. The hotel will soon be offering Ninjago themed suites. My eldest was a huge Ninjago fan for a couple of years and themed rooms are pretty much a dream come true for any kid. Realistically all of the themed rooms look really cool. The opening of these rooms comes on the heels of the wild success of Ninjago Land within the park. the Ninjago rooms will however be replacing the Kingdom rooms which were some of the most popular of the resort. Don’t despair, 2018 will bring the opening of an entire kingdom themed hotel associated with the Legoland Waterpark.

The hotel will soon be offering Ninjago themed suites. My eldest was a huge Ninjago fan for a couple of years and themed rooms are pretty much a dream come true for any kid. Realistically all of the themed rooms look really cool. The opening of these rooms comes on the heels of the wild success of Ninjago Land within the park. the Ninjago rooms will however be replacing the Kingdom rooms which were some of the most popular of the resort. Don’t despair, 2018 will bring the opening of an entire kingdom themed hotel associated with the Legoland Waterpark.
The water park will soon be boasting a new expansion that will feature a water slide where you can race side by side again your friends and family alike as well as a splash pad for the little guys in your family. This may be the best fit for my family at the moment given the ages of my boys.The Legoland Water Park is located inside Legoland and any Legoland ticket can be upgraded to include Water Park admission for an additional $30 though this appears to be closed during the week after the summer season remaining open on weekends until November.
Over all I think this coming year will be an exciting time to visit and by next summer my little guy will be ready for a lot of what the park has to offer. The hotel seems like a cool adventure in and of itself and I hope to have a stay in it when my little guy is old enough to appreciate a themed hotel as much as I do.
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NursElet: A Breastfeeding Must Have **Giveaway**

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I am always on the hunt for new baby products. Not just any product but things that I know I will use often. I met Rupal at the SF Baby Birth Fair a few weeks ago and I was instantly intrigued when I saw her booth! I had never heard of NursElet before, but I was excited to find out what it was about.

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NursElet is exactly what it looks like and more! This Nursing Bracelet helps mother’s to secure her falling shirt on the baby during breastfeeding. I know we have all been there. You are trying to feed your baby but no matter how many times you tuck your shirt under it keeps covering the baby’s face, which in return is an unhappy baby.

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My son gets SO upset when my shirt gets in his face while he is trying to nurse, and I don’t blame him. I can’t wear nursing friendly clothing everyday, but I can bring NursElet with me all the time, it is that convenient.

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NursElet velcro’s right around my shirt so that It holds it in place while nursing my son. I can easily slide it from one side to the other with one hand. It keeps my shirts bunched up and out of the way. I even used it recently when I was pumping and it was such a lifesaver!

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I try to have my baby bag always packed so I never leave anything at home when I am going out, but it happens. Sometimes I end up leaving home and forgetting some of the things that help me most. Not all products easily fit in a baby bag so it also means that I am bringing more than one bag with me when out and that just isn’t very convenient. I will never leave the NursElet at home because when nursing is done, it becomes a bracelet to remind me which breast to use next. Seriously, why didn’t I think if this?!?!

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If you are exclusively breastfeeding, like myself then you will know how useful NursElet is and why you need one. NursElet comes in so many styles and colors. The Original costs $15, while the Organic is $18. You can purchase them on her website and view all of the awesome designs she has available. You can also enter our Giveaway this week to try to win one!


You can enter our Giveaway by clicking on the link below and commenting on this post on our Facebook page. Make sure you tag a friend!

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