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Blue Bayou Restaurant Review

We recently visited and dined at the Blue Bayou, a restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The Blue Bayou is a Cajun and Creole cuisine adjacent to Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. If you visit Disneyland often then you know that all the food in the park is pretty amazing. Whether it’s a $5 churro or a corndog, you know that it’s going to be pretty darn good! Being able to eat a gourmet meal at the park is something everyone must do during their magical Disney visit.

The Blue Bayou is tucked away inside a dark night, lantern lit sky along the river. You can even watch the boat riders slowly ride on by as they first enter the ride. We made reservations (which is a must) for lunch, which I highly recommend. It is roughly half the price of the dinner option and just as delicious. We paid $35 a person, but they do have a few cheaper options, you can view on the menu below.

The inside of the Blue Bayou at our table

We love how accomadating the restaurant is. Two out of 3 of our children are very picky eaters and they had no problem with us bringing in other food for them from the park or grocery store. Even though the child’s menu is fairly inexpensive at about $10 a meal, I hate wasting food. Our 9 month old made quite the mess at our table as well with his baby puffs, and they told me not to clean up, they took care of it all.

The appetizer was fresh warm bread and butter, which was amazing!

With each entree you do get an option of salad or their Gumbo, and while the salad is good, please…Go with the GUMBO! It’s the best Gumbo I have ever had, hands down. I wish I could eat it everyday, it’s that delicious.

I ordered the Chicken option, while my husband ordered the steak. Both were cooked to perfection, no complaints at all.

The waitress recommended the Creme Brule for desert, which we gladly ordered. It was $7 and large enough for the two of us to share without feeling too guilty.

A tip when celebrating your birthday at Disneyland, let EVERYONE know it is your birthday! My daughter was able to celebrate her 8th birthday during our visit 3 times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. While they may not sing to you at every location, they will   provide you a delicious sweet treat to remember the occasion.

View the menu of the Blue Bayou in advance

A friendly recommendation when visiting any sit down restraunt at Disneyland is to make reservations by calling (407) 939-3463. Disneyland takes reservations up to a month in advance and if you would like to sit next to the water (like at the Blue Bayou Pirates ride) let them know when you check in at the time of your reservation. The Blue Bayou also accepts AP discounts which ours was 10%. It really adds up when you are spending over $200 at a restraunt.

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Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby { Review }

The thought of setting my baby down in a shopping cart or highchair that has been used by hundreds of people a day and more than likely never cleaned, makes me absolutely cringe. I am a huge fan of shopping cart covers and have used them with all three of my children. This last pregnancy I purchased one of those new covers that is meant to cover the car seat, high chair, shopping cart and even meant to be a nursing cover. It is super cute but so not functional. When I put my son in the shopping cart it slips right now, only adding frustration.

When searching for a shopping cart cover I also looked for a “baby proof” cell phone case. These were made years ago for older phones but seems like they no longer do make them for the newer phones. My 9-month-old LOVES to watch, Baby Signing Time, a sign language program for babies. It’s great because when we are out it entertains him while I run errands, which is a huge help. During my search for these two, products I found a great surprise, Lumiere!

Seriously, have you ever seen a baby so happy?

Lumiere baby’s shopping cart cover is not only modern and stylish but it they are everything you need. The cover’s fold up into a small pouch that easily fits into a diaper bag. It unfolds and slips right on the shopping cart. I wasn’t sure at first how large the cover was but we took it to Costco for the ultimate test and….it fit!!!

Lumiere has thought not only about style but comfort and safety as well. Inside of the cover is a buck to keep your little ones safe. It comes with just enough padding to keep your little one comfy the entire time.

The safety straps are easy to locate and adjust in the cover. Another favorite of mine is the cell phone case that is built into the shopping cart cover. I have searched high and low for a case that my son can’t turn off or even throw! He can now watch his Baby Signing time no problem and it is such a life saver!

The Lumiere cover also comes with straps you can attach toys to as well as a pocket in the back that it folds back into. We even used this pocket as an extra accessory for carrying my babies sippy cup and it was perfect. I attached his teething toy to the top strap so he could not throw it outside the cart, amazing!

Hands down, the Lumiereshopping cart cover has been our absolute favorite accessory that I cannot believe I went so long without. I even washed it right after our trip to the store and it came out looking just as it did when I received it. I highly recommend this cover for every parent.

Lumiere also sent us this wipe case which is pretty awesome. The top slides open and is easily accessible to grab wipes when needed. It also clips easily to your baby bag.

We are so happy with our 2 in one Lumiere shopping cart cover that we are hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY for their Chevron & Polka dots style covers, as well as a discount code. The covers retail for $39.99 each and are on sale right now. Keep an eye out for our Giveaway later this week!

Free $10 at Starbucks with VISA Checkout


I don’t know about you, but if I do not have my morning, afternoon and evening coffee, I am pretty much not accomplishing anything for the day. It’s really hard when coffee is $5 each trip! I’m always looking for different deals and ways to get those points and save money and lets face it, FREE coffee is the best coffee!

Right now Starbucks has an AWESOME deal! No, this is not a scan or anything crazy, its actually really easy. Follow the quick instructions below, takes about 1 min, seriously that easy!


Here is a screen shot of the steps.

Starbucks is offering $10 completely free in a Starbucks gift card by reloading your card vis VISA checkout.

Step 1

When you log into the Starbucks app, click on the PAY option on the top left corner. Then on the next page where you see your balance click on the “RELOAD” option on the bottom left. To reload with VISA check out click on the “paying with” option and at the bottom you will see “Add Card with VISA Checkout” Add your VISA on this page, then go back to the payments method and choose that card.

You can reload with as little as $10. Within 24 hours you will receive an email for a FREE $10 Starbucks gift card. Simple! I know many people the have set up the Starbucks App just to take advantage of this deal. Also, when you receive the email you can just click directly on it from you phone and it will open the app for you and add it without you needing to do anything! Seriously so easy. If you want to transfer the $10 to a main card you have for points reasons, just click on manager and transfer balance, wallah!

See screen shots above if you need additional guidance or comment on my Facebook post and I will gladly help you. Happy Coffee Drinking!

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Special cooking demo at Macy’s with Chef Nancy Silverton!



I absolutely love to cook. Their may be a debate in our home on weather I am any good at cooking, but either way I love it. For me, cooking helps me take my mind off of all the chaos in my week. I always have so much going on and learning new recipes and focusing on cooking really allows me to take a moment away from my busy days to create something for the entire family. I also love to feed people and thanks to Macy’s Culinary Council I am able to watch some amazing chef’s in person cook and share their personal recipes and recipes.



I am beyond excited to watch Chef Nancy Silverton show off her cooking skills at the Macy’s Union Square next week on Thursday November 3rd 2016, where she will be sharing some of her favorite recipes and cooking secrets. This Macy’s Culinary Council Cooking Event is free and you will take home so many new recipe secrets. Not only will Nancy be teaching everyone how to prepare their own yummy recipes but she will be sharing her own personal stories while preparing her own favorite dishes.


Nancy Silverton started as a pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant Spago. She has published several dessert cookbooks including her newest, The Mozza Cookbook, which is SO perfect for the holiday season coming up. I am so excited to learn some new recipes I can take home and impress the family with this holiday season. If that wasn’t enough amazing-ness, when attending the Macy’s Culinary Council Cooking Event in Union Square, you will also be able to taste Chef Nancy Silverton’s recipes as she cooks them, yes! This isn’t like a sample you receive at grocery stores guys, its the real deal and you do not want to miss this free event.

Also, if you want to take home some kitchen essentials so that you can get fancy in the kitchen you will receive a personalized copy of Mozza at Home if you spend $35* or more in the Home department at Macy’s! Score!

I have been to several Macy’s Culinary Council events and you don’t want to miss this! Make sure you RSVP today and receive a $10 Macy’s gift card* at the event check-in: macysusq-silverton.eventbrite.com 


*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Chick-fil-A – Supports New Moms

chics-fil-a, new mom meal

A friend of mine recently told me that she heard Chick-fil-A offers a “New Mom Meal” for expecting parents to take advantage of either before or after their delivery. So, is Chick-fil-A really offering free meals for new moms? I did some research to find out!

chics-fil-a, new mom meal, chicken

Being an expecting mom myself I had to find out, we LOVE Chick-fil-A and this was exciting news for a chicken craving pregnant lady! I first called my local Chick-fil-A which is around 20min from my house, yes I would drive that far because we love it so much. When calling I was told they were familiar with the “new moms” program but because Chick-fil-A Restaurants are all independently operated and owned, it is up to the owners discretion to offer this to their customer. Unfortunately the specific location closest to me does not offer this free meal, but their are a few that do! I was able to get ahold of two other locations in CA that offered this to their customers and here is what I was told was included:


A small platter, 4 large fries or fruit, a gallon of lemonade or tea, and cookies. Pretty amazing if your local Chick-fil-A is offering this. I would always call first to check but definitely make sure you take advantage if you can. You can find your local Chick-fil-A locations here and give them a quick call to confirm! Good Luck Mamas!